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We hope you enjoy these informative articles from different authors about the following topics:

- Lars Krutak: Tattoo Anthropologist: 

This is an eye opening historical review on the role of tattoo in polynesian societies.

- Peter Layne: The Coral Route

This article would give one a nice understanding of how it was like to fly the Coral Route operated by Air New Zealand (originally named TEAL). This island hopping journey from New Zealand to Tahiti was quite the luxurious adventure.

- Queensland AIr Museum and the RAI Short Sandringham from Tahiti

At one period in time, the American G.I built the first land airport in Bora Bora. Planes would land there from the USA and passengers would have to connect onto a seaplane that linked the other major Tahitian islands. That seaplane was operated by the RAI ( Reseau Aerien Interinsulaire). It was the predecessor of Air Tahiti. Currently being restored in France, this seaplane was originally planned to be preserved by the QAM in Australia. It ended up at the Bourget Air & Space Museum.

- Bora Bora was originally called Vavau.

One of the famous island in the Tahitian islands, Bora Bora has evolved since the first Polynesian settlers arrival. The European explorers (Samuel Wallis, UK and Louis Antoine de Bougainville, France) laid claims on the island for their respective nations. During WWII, the American military was stationed there right after the Pearl Harbor event.