Giving Back

We strongly believe that giving back to our communities at large, is a responsibility that we share to spread good Karma around and contribute to a better world.

There are many ways to donate, from monetary contributions to goods and volunteer work. Some organizations such as the ones in Tahiti are not set up like the ones in the USA.

We decided to donate monetary funds to the following organizations that are making a difference either with nature conservancy, social services or historical preservations for future generations. We'll contribute 1% of annual sales to these organizations.

Catholic Charities Hawaii:

They have been serving the islands since 1947 and provide a wide range of social services to people with the greatest needs.

Catholic Social Service Guam:

This chapter of Catholic services in Guam focuses on spiritual, economic and well-being growth in Guam.

- Marine Fish Conservation Network:

A coalition of associations and groups focused on the upholding of U.S federal laws in order to sustain fish population and healthy marine ecosystem.

- The Mission to Seafarers:

Support for seafarers on commercial ships alienated by culture and language. Many of these fishermen are paid low wages and are stuck on these fishing vessels for months.

- Oakland Aviation Museum:

Celebrating the rich history of Aviation throughout the Pacific.

- Pan Am Historical Foundation:

Preserving the amazing history of an Aviation pioneer that touched just about every continent in this world...and provided a vital link for us, in the Pacific.

- Reef Relief:

Focused on the protection of living coral reef ecosystem.

- Seacology:

Working with local island communities to protect threatened ecosystems.