About the Islands...

The Tahitian Islands...

When we think of Tahiti, a few things come to mind such as Bora Bora and the water bungalows. But did you know that the Tahitian islands are organized into 5 islands groups: the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu islands. The whole area is so vast that it would cover Europe.

The capital city, Papeete is located on the main island of Tahiti (airport code: PPT).

Here are some details from the Tahiti Tourism office.


It is becoming more popular for visitors to explore the lesser known islands such as Huahine, Tikehau, Mangareva, Rurutu and Nuku Hiva as they reflect the more traditional way of island life.

Traveling between the islands...

 Travel within the islands group is fastest via the sky. Air Tahiti serves most islands with a modern fleet of ATR turboprops.

Try to book a day flight as the view is fantastic when the sun is shining on the lagoon.


Preparing Your Beach Escapade

- Skip sunscreens containing OXYBENZONE and OCTINOXATE. Our friends at REEF RELIEF will be able to explain in details.


- Be aware of the local current. A simple swim can turn into a tragedy if one is not aware of the area's under current. Here are some useful information from our friends at the NOAA.


- Parrot fish help protect the reef system. Our friends at Nature Conservancy give us more information.