About Us!

Ia' Orana and welcome!

Tucked in the middle of the South Pacific, the Polynesian islands of Tahiti is where we find our roots. Growing up on the main island, life was all about the community, the culture and nature.

There is a timeless feeling that comes from living in an environment surrounded by the sea, the mountains, the jungle of tropical trees and the starry skies.

Once in a while mother Nature would humble us with a passing storm or a more powerful Cyclone.

So, through our designs, we would like to showcase how our culture connects us to one another no matter which cultural background we are from. We could be so different and share so much!

We hope to remind us of our link to our environment and explore ways to leave this world better than we have found it.

Thank you for your continued support and input on how we can leave a positive footprint in this unique world of ours.

Wikitiki is our way to share this little corner of the Pacific with you. So, come and join us!