Huahine was calling...

Most tourists overfly the island of Huahine to reach Bora Bora since it's the better known island with its multitude of high end resorts and lagoon huts.

Huahine is the complete opposite. It's very low key and seems untouched by modern life.

From the time we got off our Air Tahiti turboprop flight, the island of Huahine was calling us. It may sound strange to feel that way but there was a mix of the local breeze, the scenery and the smell.

We were surrounded by the Mana from this island. It was breathless. It just took any stress away. The tropical air is magical like that.

Walking around town, the locals would wave Hello when we would cross them on the road.

The sun and the beach were inviting us to jump into the water.

The small downtown market was bustling with small merchants and souvenir shops.

But what stuck in my mind was the presence of Mother Nature. 

Our cousins were oblivious to all this. After all, it was their daily environment.

The limited internet connection was an awesome nuisance. We focused our attention to the noise, the smell and the surroundings.

Huahine wanted us to be in the moment....the way Life should be lived...